Making Messages

Led by American filmmaker Bill Megalos, and funded by the US Embassy Vientiane, this workshop was devoted to teaching the skills necessary to make public service announcements and issues-based media campaigns. The course started by focusing on specific topics centered around the theme of nutrition and developed appropriate, clear, and effective messages on that topic. This entailed research on past campaigns in Laos, and their efficacy, as well as similar campaigns in other parts of the world. Participants were taught to develop a media plan that incorporates the overall messages of the government agencies and participating NGOs, while being very specific to the issues at hand and taking into account the intended audience.

The course was open to Lao media professionals from the private sector as well as NGOs and governmental bodies. Organizations represented included government offices such as the Department of Cinema and the National School of Fine Arts; independent production companies including Lao Art Media and Chillax Productions (whose staff also served as assistants to the workshop); non-profit associations such as NORMAI; and international organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Society, UNICEF, and World Food Programme.

The PSAs from this workshop can be found on the LPFF YouTube page.

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