The Dance of an Alchemist back to movies

  • Country: Myanmar
  • Director: Me Pwar
  • Year: 2009
  • Duration: 105'

Zawgyi, a traditional medicine vendor, meets Myint Zu, a rich educated woman struggling with mental illness. Upon the request of her father, Zawgyi supplies Myint Zu with treatment. Meanwhile, Zawgyi becomes the adoptive father to his nephew, Mg Tha Cho, whose father passed away suddenly. Despite Zawgyi's wish to send his nephew to school, Mg Tha Cho insists on apprenticing with him as an alchemist, and thus also dispenses medicine to Myint Zu. She develops an attachment to the boy, and supports him to embark on medical studies. Zawgyi becomes an alcoholic and disappears. When Mg Tha Cho becomes a doctor, he searches for his uncle without success. Finally, he opens the “Zawgyi Clinic” with Myint Zu providing free medical treatment to the community.