I Carried You Home back to movies

  • Country: Thailand
  • Director: Tongpong Chantarangkul
  • Year: 2011
  • Duration: 113'

A mother goes to Bangkok to visit her teenage daughter, Pann. When they meet, Pann lies to her mother to avoid spending time with her. Soon after Pann returns to her friends, she receives a phone call that her Mum has fallen into a coma. Pann hurries to contact her elder sister, Pinn, who had runaway to Singapore to start a new life away from family constraints. However, both of them end up missing their mother's final moments. Then begins their road trip journey to bring their mother's body back to her village. The girls slowly begin to open up to each other again, realizing their emotional distance, and the loneliness their mother must have felt without her daughters.