Dance of Two Left Feet back to movies

  • Country: Philippines
  • Director: Alvin Yapan & Alemberg Ang
  • Year: 2011
  • Duration: 85'

Doing poorly in his literature class, Marlon follows his teacher, Karen, and finds out that she moonlights as a choreographer and dance teacher. He hires Dennis to impress Karen to teach him to dance. As he learns how his body should move, Marlon begins to understand the intersections between poetry and dance. The movie culminates with Marlon and Dennis starring in Karen's dance adaptation of an epic story. On the eve of their performance, Marlon confronts Karen how he could not understand her poetry. Karen assures Marlon that he does ineed understand it. His mind is just unwilling to, unlike his body, which already understands. Karen invites Marlon to dance with her, but in the middle of her dance, she passes him onto Dennis.