The Rapture of Fe back to movies

  • Country: Philippines
  • Director: Alvin Yapan
  • Year: 2009
  • Duration: 78'

Each morning, baskets of black fruits mysteriously appear by the front yard of Fe. Thinking that it was a reconciliatory gesture from her abusive husband, Dante, Fe tells him about it. This only confirms Dante's suspicions that she might have another lover. Fearing her husband's jealousy, Fe grows even more scared as the fruits kept coming. Fe keeps everything to herself until she turns to a former suitor, Arturo. Caught between an abusive husband and an impotent lover, Fe discovers the possibility that it was a cafre, a tree ogre, who has been courting her all along. She has to choose whether to elope with the cafre, who could very well be just a figment of her imagination, or stay trapped with the men in her real life who could never make her happy.