films database

  • 13:00 Sunday
    country: Thailand/Laosdirector: Bis Srikasem & Pume Peerabunrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 80'
  • 18 Grams of Love
    country: Singaporedirector: HAN Yew Kwangrelease year: 2007festival year: 2010duration: 85'
  • 24 Hours of Anger
    country: Singaporedirector: T T Dhavamannirelease year: 2010festival year: 2012duration: 125'
  • 3 Wishes, 3 Loves
    country: Indonesiadirector: Nurman Hakimrelease year: 2008festival year: 2011duration: 116'
  • 3.50
    country: Cambodiadirector: Chhay Borarelease year: 2013duration: 107'
  • 881
    country: Singaporedirector: Roystan Tanrelease year: 2007festival year: 2010duration: 105'
  • A Copy of My Mind
    country: Indonesiadirector: Joko Anwarrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 116'
  • A River Changes Course
    country: Cambodiadirector: Kalyanee Mamrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 83'
  • A Yellow Bird
    country: Singaporedirector: K Rajagopalrelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 112'
  • The Act of Killing
    country: Indonesiadirector: Joshua Oppenheimerrelease year: 2012duration: 115'
  • Above It All
    country: Laosdirector: Anysay Keolarelease year: 2015festival year: 2015duration: 90'
  • About a Woman
    country: Indonesiadirector: Teddy Soeriaatmadjarelease year: 2014festival year: 2016duration: 76'
  • About My Father
    country: Cambodiadirector: Guillaume P. Suonrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 52'
  • Adela
    country: Philippinesdirector: Adolfo Alix, Jr.release year: 2008festival year: 2010duration: 90'
  • Adrift
    country: Vietnamdirector: Bui Thac Chuyenrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 105'
  • Ah Boys To Men
    country: Singaporedirector: Jack Neorelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 118'
  • Already Famous
    country: Singaporedirector: Michelle Chongrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 118'
  • Always on My Mind
    country: Laosdirector: Sakchai Deenanrelease year: 2012festival year: 2012duration: 90'
  • Apocalypse Child
    country: Philippinesdirector: Mario Cornejorelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 95'
  • Aroma of Heaven
    country: Indonesiadirector: Budi Kurniawanrelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 65'
  • At Stake
    country: Indonesiadirector: Iwan Setiawan, et al.release year: 2008festival year: 2010duration: 107'
  • At the Horizon
    country: Laosdirector: Anysay Keolarelease year: 2011festival year: 2011duration: 101'
  • Back to the 90s
    country: Thailanddirector: Yanyong Kuruaungkoulrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 112'
  • Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice
    country: Laosdirector: Daan Veldhuizenrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 93'
  • Before the Fall
    country: Cambodiadirector: Ian Whiterelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 98'
  • The Boatbuilders of Mermaid Island
    country: Malaysiadirector: Azharr Rudin, Imri Nasutionrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 79'
  • Big Heart
    country: Laosdirector: Mattiphob Douangmyxayrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Bombunters
    country: Cambodiadirector: Skye Fitzgeraldrelease year: 2006festival year: 2010duration: 76'
  • Boundary
    country: Cambodia/Thailanddirector: Nontawat Numbenchapolrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 96'
  • Boundary
    country: Philippinesdirector: Benito Bautistarelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 110'
  • Bounthanh: Lost in the City
    country: Laosdirector: Sakchai Deenanrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 110'
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    country: Singaporedirector: Wang Jing, Anocha Suwichakornpong & Kaz Cairelease year: 2010festival year: 2012festival year: 2012duration: 87'
  • Brutal
    country: Malaysiadirector: Shanjhey Kumar Perumalrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 85'
  • Bunohan
    country: Malaysiadirector: DainSaidrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 97'
  • By the River
    country: Thailanddirector: Nontawat Numbenchapolrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 71'
  • Cambodian Son
    country: Cambodiadirector: Masahiro Suganorelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 85'
  • The Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock´n´Roll
    country: Cambodiadirector: Marc Eberlerelease year: 2015duration: 75'
  • Catnip
    country: Philippinesdirector: Kevin Dayritrelease year: 2012festival year: 2014duration: 95'
  • Chang
    country: Laosdirector: Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsackrelease year: 1927festival year: 2012duration: 69'
  • Chanthaly
    country: Laosdirector: Mattie Dorelease year: 2012festival year: 2012duration: 90'
  • The Cheer Ambassadors
    country: Thailanddirector: Luke Cassady-Dorionrelease year: 2012festival year: 2012duration: 95'
  • Chiang Khan Story
    country: Thailanddirector: Yuthlert Sippapakrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 108'
  • City of Jade
    country: Myanmardirector: Midi Zrelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 99'
  • Concrete Clouds
    country: Thailanddirector: Lee Chatametikoolrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 99'
  • Contradiction
    country: Malaysiadirector: Nazri M Annuar & Aloy Paradoksrelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 70'
  • Conspiracy of Silence
    country: Indonesiadirector: Ucu Augustiurelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 78'
  • The Crescent Moon
    country: Indonesiadirector: Ismail Basbethrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 94'
  • Crocodile
    country: Philippinesdirector: Francis Xavier Pasionrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 100'
  • The Dance of an Alchemist
    country: Myanmardirector: Me Pwarrelease year: 2009festival year: 2012duration: 105'
  • Dance of Two Left Feet
    country: Philippinesdirector: Alvin Yapan & Alemberg Angrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 85'
  • Dancing Across Borders
    country: Cambodiadirector: Anne Bassrelease year: 2010festival year: 2013duration: 88'
  • Dandelion
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyễn Quang Huyrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 115'
  • Dark Clouds
    country: Philippinesdirector: Joaquin Pedro Valdesrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 90'
  • Dearest Sister (*Work Print)
    country: Laosdirector: Mattie Dorelease year: 2016festival year: 2015duration: 105'
  • Denok & Gareng
    country: Indonesiadirector: Dwi Sujanti Nugrahenirelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 89'
  • Diamond Island
    country: Cambodiadirector: Davy Chourelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 101'
  • The Down
    country: Thailanddirector: Pisut Mahaphanrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 90'
  • Enemies of the People
    country: Cambodia director: Rob Lemkin & Thet Sambathrelease year: 2009festival year: 2012duration: 94'
  • Facing Genocide
    country: Cambodiadirector: David Aronowitsch & Staffan Lindbergrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 94'
  • Father's Way
    country: Philippinesdirector: Zurich Chanrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 100'
  • Finding Face
    country: Cambodiadirector: Skye Fitzgerald & Patti Duncanrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 68'
  • Finding Phong
    country: Vietnamdirector: Tran Phuong Thao and Swann Dubusrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 92'
  • Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyen Hoang Dieprelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 98'
  • Floating Lives
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyen Phan Quang Binhrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 113'
  • Flower in the Pocket
    country: Malaysiadirector: Liew Seng Tatrelease year: 2007festival year: 2010duration: 97'
  • Fundamentally Happy
    country: Singaporedirector: Tan Bee Thiam, Lei Yuan Binrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 70'
  • Garuda in My Heart
    country: Indonesia director: Ifa Isfansyahrelease year: 2009festival year: 2012duration: 96'
  • Gems on the Run
    country: Cambodiadirector: Sok, Visal & Quentin Clausinrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 91'
  • Golden Slumbers
    country: Cambodia director: Davy Chourelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 96'
  • Gone Shopping
    country: Singaporedirector: Wee Li Linrelease year: 2008festival year: 2011duration: 96'
  • Grean Fictions
    country: Thailanddirector: Chookiat Sakveerakulrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 133'
  • Hak Aum Lum
    country: Laosdirector: Phanumad Disattharelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 118'
  • Haze
    country: Philippinesdirector: Ralson Joverrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 92'
  • Hanuman
    country: Cambodiadirector: Jimmy Hendersonrelease year: 2015festival year: 2015duration: 112'
  • Headshot
    country: Thailanddirector: Pen-ek Ratanaruangrelease year: 2011festival year: 2013duration: 105'
  • Help! My Girlfriend is a Vampire!
    country: Malaysiadirector: James Leerelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 102'
  • Here... or There?
    country: Vietnamdirector: Síu Phạm release year: 2011festival year: 2013duration: 97'
  • Hexagon
    country: Myanmardirector: Kyi Soe Tuurelease year: 2005festival year: 2011duration: 90'
  • The Hidden: Wrath of Azazil
    country: Malaysiadirector: Kabir Bhatiarelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 97'
  • Hiphopdiningrat
    country: Indonesiadirector: Marzuki Mohammad & Chandra Hutagaolrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 65'
  • Home
    country: Thailanddirector: Chookiat Sakveerakulrelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 130'
  • I Carried You Home
    country: Thailanddirector: Tongpong Chantarangkulrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 113'
  • I Fine..Thank You..Love You
    country: Thailanddirector: Mez Tharatornrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 117'
    country: Singaporedirector: Anthony Chenrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 99'
  • I Love Savanh
    country: Laosdirector: Bounthong Nhotmanhkongrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 90'
  • I Love You!
    country: Laosdirector: Thavisack Thammavongsarelease year: 2015festival year: 2015duration: 120'
  • In April the Following Year, There was a Fire
    country: Thailanddirector: Wichanon Somumjarnrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 76'
  • Invisible City
    country: Singaporedirector: Tan Pin Pinrelease year: 2007festival year: 2011duration: 60'
  • Iskalawags
    country: Philippinesdirector: Keith Deligerorelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 77'
  • It Gets Better
    country: Thailanddirector: Tanwarin Sukhapisitrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 99'
  • Jalanan
    country: Indonesiadirector: Daniel Zivrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 107'
  • Joking Jazz 4G
    country: Thailanddirector: Poj Arnonrelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 105'
  • The Jungle School
    country: Indonesiadirector: Riri Rizarelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Karaoke
    country: Malaysiadirector: Chris Chong Chan Fuirelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 75'
  • Karaoke Girl
    country: Thailanddirector: Visra Vichit-vadakarnrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 77'
  • Khunpan
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongkiat Komesirirelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 110'
  • Khurafat
    country: Malaysiadirector: Syamsul Tusofrelease year: 2007festival year: 2011duration: 80'
  • Kil
    country: Malaysiadirector: Nik Amir Mustapharelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Land Beneath the Fog
    country: Indonesia director: Shalahuddin Siregarrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 105'
  • Lao Wedding
    country: Laosdirector: Sackchai Deenanrelease year: 2011festival year: 2011duration: 90'
  • The Last Executioner
    country: Thailanddirector: Tom Wallerrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 95'
  • The Last Reel
    country: Cambodiadirector: Kulikar Sothorelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 106'
  • Little Heart
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyen Thanh Vanrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 90'
  • The Look of Silence
    country: Singaporedirector: Joshua Oppenheimerrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 99'
  • Louis Loves Baitong
    country: Laosdirector: Thavisack Thammavongsarelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 100'
  • LOVE
    country: Vietnamdirector: Viet Maxrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 106'
  • Love Forever
    country: Laosdirector: Sonexay Keomanivongrelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 90'
  • Love for Share
    country: Indonesiadirector: Nia Dinatarelease year: 2006festival year: 2010duration: 120'
  • Lovesucks
    country: Thailanddirector: Manatsanun Phanlerdwongsakulrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 82'
  • Lovely Man
    country: Indonesiadirector: Teddy Soeriaatmadjarelease year: 2011festival year: 2013duration: 76'
  • Lumpinee
    country: Thailanddirector: Chira Withaisuthikulrelease year: 2011festival year: 2011duration: 97'
  • Madam Phung's Last Journey
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyen Thi Thamrelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 87'
  • Mae'Rosa
    country: Philippinesdirector: Brillante Mendozarelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 110'
  • The Maid
    country: Singaporedirector: Kelvin Tongrelease year: 2005festival year: 2010duration: 92'
  • The Mangoes
    country: Indonesiadirector: Tonny Trimarsantorelease year: 2012festival year: 2014duration: 98'
  • Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy
    country: Thailanddirector: Nawapol Thamrongrattanaritrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 125'
  • Mariquina
    country: Philippinesdirector: Milo Soguecorelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 116'
  • Mater Dolorosa
    country: Philippinesdirector: Adolfo Alix, Jr.release year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 87'
  • May Who?
    country: Thailanddirector: Chayanop Boonprakobrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 110'
  • Men Who Save The World
    country: Malaysiadirector: Liew Seng Tatrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 93'
  • The Monk
    country: Myanmardirector: The Maw Naingrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 95'
  • Mindfulness and Murder
    country: Thailanddirector: Tom Wallerrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 90'
  • The Missing Picture
    country: Cambodiadirector: Rithy Panhrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 90'
  • Mother's Soul
    country: Vietnamdirector: Tam Hon Merelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 95'
  • Ms J Contemplates Her Choice
    country: Singaporedirector: Jason Lairelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 88'
  • Mukhsin
    country: Malaysiadirector: Yasmin Ahmadrelease year: 2007festival year: 2010duration: 95'
  • My Teacher
    country: Laosdirector: Niyom Wongpongkhamrelease year: 2014festival year: 2014 - 2015duration: 90'
  • Ola Bola
    country: Malaysiadirector: Keng Guan Chiurelease year: 2016festival year: 2016duration: 113'
  • Old Places
    country: Singaporedirector: Royston Tan, Eva Tang & Victric Thngrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 77'
  • Only Love
    country: Laosdirector: Anousone Sirisackdarelease year: 2010festival year: 2010duration: 125'
  • On Safer Ground
    country: Laosdirector: Stuart Ryan & Hedley Dindoyalrelease year: 2012festival year: 2011duration: 120'
  • P-047
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongdej Jaturanrasmeerelease year: 2011festival year: 2013duration: 98'
  • Panya Reanu
    country: Thailanddirector: Bin Banlueritrelease year: 2011festival year: 2011duration: 99'
  • Papadom
    country: Malaysiadirector: Afdlin Shauki Aksanrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 115'
  • The Patriarch
    country: Philippinesdirector: Alfonso Torrerelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 100'
  • Pee Mak Phrakanong
    country: Thailanddirector: Banjong Pisanthanakunrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 113'
  • Postcards from the Zoo
    country: Indonesia director: Edwinrelease year: 2012festival year: 2012duration: 95'
  • The Photograph
    country: Indonesiadirector: Nan T. Achnasrelease year: 2007festival year: 2010duration: 90'
  • Pu Bao Tai Ban: Isaan Indy
    country: Thailanddirector: Uten Sririwi & Jinnapat Ladaratrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 93'
  • Queens of Langkasuka
    country: Thailanddirector: Nonzee Nimibutrrelease year: 2008festival year: 2011duration: 120'
  • Question of Faith
    country: Indonesiadirector: Hanung Bramantyorelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 100'
  • The Rapture of Fe
    country: Philippinesdirector: Alvin Yapanrelease year: 2009festival year: 2011duration: 78'
  • Really Love
    country: Laosdirector: Phoumsana Sirivongsarelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 100'
  • Really Love 2
    country: Laosdirector: Phoumsana Sirivongsarelease year: 2015festival year: 2015duration: 99'
  • Red Scarf
    country: Laosdirector: Sakchai Deenanrelease year: 2011festival year: 2013duration: 90'
  • The Return
    country: Singaporedirector: Green Zengrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 83'
  • Return to Burma
    country: Myanmardirector: Midi Zrelease year: 2011festival year: 2014duration: 84'
  • Rising Sun on the Horizon
    country: Myanmardirector: Khin Maung Oo & Soe Thein Htutrelease year: 2011festival year: 2013duration: 112'
  • The River Flows
    country: Laosdirector: Makoto Kumazawarelease year: 2017festival year: 2016duration: 112'
  • Sabaidee Luang Prabang
    country: Laosdirector: Anousone Sirisackda & Sakchai Deenanrelease year: 2008festival year: 2010duration: 90'
  • Sabaidee 2: From Pakse with Love
    country: Laosdirector: Sakchai Deenanrelease year: 2010festival year: 2010duration: 90'
  • Sayang Disayang
    country: Singaporedirector: Sanif Olekrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 78'
  • Scent of Burning Grass
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyễn Hữu Mười release year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 97'
  • The Search for Weng Weng
    country: Philippinesdirector: Andrew Leavoldrelease year: 2013festival year: 2015duration: 92'
  • The Second Life of Thieves
    country: Malaysiadirector: Woo Ming Jinrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 87'
  • Senior Year
    country: Philippinesdirector: Jerrold Tarogrelease year: 2011festival year: 2011duration: 96'
  • Senior
    country: Thailanddirector: Wisit Sasanatiengrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 105'
  • Shadows of the Past
    country: Myanmardirector: Sin Yaw Mg Mgrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 123'
  • Shift
    country: Philippinesdirector: Siege Ledesmarelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 80'
  • Siti
    country: Indonesiadirector: Eddie Cahyonorelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 88'
  • Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay
    country: Philippinesdirector: Antoinette Jadaonerelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 93'
  • Slam!
    country: Singaporedirector: M. Raihan Halimrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 114'
  • Somboon
    country: Thailanddirector: Krisda Tipchaimetarelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 80'
  • The Songs of Rice
    country: Thailanddirector: Uruphong Raksasadrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 75'
  • Still I Strive
    country: Cambodiadirector: Adam Pfleghaar & A. Todd Smithrelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 91'
  • Sweet Twenty
    country: Vietnamdirector: Phan Gia Nhut Linh release year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 112'
  • Tabunfire
    country: Thailanddirector: Chalerm Wongpimrelease year: 2006festival year: 2011duration: 106'
  • The Talent
    country: Vietnamdirector: Quang Huyrelease year: 2013festival year: 2014duration: 110'
  • Talentime
    country: Malaysiadirector: Yasmin Ahmadrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 124'
  • Tang Wong
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongdej Jaturanrasmeerelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 86'
  • There'�s No Forever
    country: Philippinesdirector: Dan Villegasrelease year: 2015festival year: 2016duration: 113'
  • The Teacher's Diary
    country: Thailanddirector: Nithiwat Tharatornrelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 110'
  • That Thing Called Meant-To-Be
    country: Philippinesdirector: Antoinette Jadaonerelease year: 2014festival year: 2015duration: 110'
  • Thy Womb
    country: Thailanddirector: Brillante Mendozarelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 100'
  • Today is Better than Two Tomorrows
    country: Laosdirector: Anna Rodgersrelease year: 2009festival year: 2010duration: 73'
  • Tuk Tuk
    country: Laosdirector: Simon Luang Kiyérelease year: 2012festival year: 2014duration: 52'
  • Vientiane in Love
    country: Laosdirector: Vannaphone Sitthirath, Anysay Keola, Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, and Phanumad Disattharelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 90'
  • Village of Hope
    country: Thailandfestival year: 2015director: Boonsong Nakphoorelease year: 2013duration: 72'
  • Ways of the Sea
    country: Philippinesdirector: Sheron Dayocrelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 78'
  • We Are Moluccans
    country: Indonesiadirector: Angga Dwimas Sasongkorelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 150'
  • What is it About Rina?
    country: Bruneidirector: Harlif Haji Mohamad & Farid Azlanrelease year: 2013festival year: 2013duration: 90'
  • What isn't There
    country: Philippinesdirector: Marie Jamorarelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 116'
  • What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love
    country: Indonesiadirector: Mouly Suryarelease year: 2012festival year: 2013duration: 105'
  • When the Full Moon Rises
    country: Malaysiadirector: Muhammad Khalidrelease year: 2008festival year: 2010duration: 110'
  • When the Rooster Crows
    country: Singaporedirector: Leonardo Cinieri Lombrosorelease year: 2014festival year: 2014duration: 88'
  • With or Without Me
    country: Vietnamdirector: TRAN Phuong Thao & Swann Dubusrelease year: 2011festival year: 2012duration: 80'
  • Who Killed Chea Vichea?
    country: Cambodia director: Bradley Coxrelease year: 2010festival year: 2012duration: 55'
  • Wonderful Town
    country: Thailanddirector: Aditya Assaratrelease year: 2007festival year: 2010duration: 92'
  • World Without Shadow
    country: Malaysiadirector: Khoo Eng Yowrelease year: 2011festival year: 2011duration: 90'
  • Yam Yasothon
    country: Thailanddirector: Phetthai Wongkamlaorelease year: 2005festival year: 2011duration: 96'
  • Year Without a Summer
    country: Malaysiadirector: Tan Chui Muirelease year: 2010festival year: 2011duration: 87'
  • Y/Our Music
    country: Thailanddirector: Waraluck Hiransrettawat Every, David Reeve release year: 2014festival year: 2016duration: 82'
  • 2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten
    country: Philippinesdirector: Petersen Vargasrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 95'
  • The Anniversary
    country: Laosdirector: Chilasak Saysanithrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 100'
  • Bad Genius
    country: Thailanddirector: Nattawut Poonpiriyarelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 130'
  • Blood Road
    country: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodiadirector: Nicolas Schrunkrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 96'
  • Burma Storybook
    country: Myanmardirector: Petr Lom, Corinne van Egeraatrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 81'
  • By the Time it Gets Dark
    country: Thailanddirector: Anocha Suwichakornpongrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 105'
  • Cemetery of Splendour
    country: Thailanddirector: Apichatpong Weerasethakulrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 122'
  • The Couple
    country: Thailanddirector: Talent 1 Teamrelease year: 2014festival year: 2017duration: 96'
  • Die Beautiful
    country: Philippinesdirector: Jun Robles Lanarelease year: 2017festival year: 2016duration: 119'
  • Fanatic
    country: Vietnamdirector: Charlie Nguyenrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 103'
  • Father and Son
    country: Vietnamdirector: Luong Dinh Dungrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 90'
  • Heart Attack
    country: Thailanddirector: Nawapol Thamrongrattanaritrelease year: 2015festival year: 2017duration: 170'
  • In Exile
    country: Myanmardirector: Tin Win Naingrelease year: 2015festival year: 2017duration: 72'
  • In My Hometown
    country: Thailanddirector: Worrawut Lakchairelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 84'
  • The Island Funeral
    country: Thailanddirector: Pimpaka Towirarelease year: 2015festival year: 2017duration: 105'
  • Jailbreak
    country: Cambodiadirector: Jimmy Henderson release year: 2015festival year: 2017duration: 90'
  • Khuannang
    country: Laosdirector: Somphong Phondyrelease year: 2014festival year: 2017duration: 106'
  • Legend of the Broken Sword
    country: Thailanddirector: Bin Bunlueritrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 97'
  • Mind Cage
    country: Cambodiadirector: Amit Dubeyrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 85'
  • Motherland
    country: Philippinesdirector: Ramona S. Diazrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 94'
  • Ordinary People
    country: Philippinesdirector: Eduardo Roy Jr.release year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 97'
  • Railway Sleepers
    country: Thailanddirector: Sompot Chidgasornpongserelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 102'
  • Redha
    country: Malaysiadirector: Tunku Mona, Riza Binti, Tunku Khalidrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 115'
  • Rina 2
    country: Brunei, Laosdirector: Harlif Mohamadrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 103'
  • Santi-Vina
    country: Thailanddirector: Thavi Na Bangchangrelease year: 1954festival year: 2017duration: 116'
  • Saving Sally
    country: Philippinesdirector: Avid Liongorenrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 94'
  • Snap
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongdej Jaturanrasameerelease year: 2015festival year: 2017duration: 99'
  • Turah
    country: Indonesiadirector: Wicaksono Wisnu Legoworelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 82'
  • Unlucky Plaza
    country: Singaporedirector: Ken Kwekrelease year: 2014festival year: 2017duration: 122'
  • Wandering
    country: Thailanddirector: Boonsong Nakphoorelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 121'
  • Women of the Weeping River
    country: Philippinesdirector: Sheron Dayocrelease year: 2016festival year: 2017duration: 95'
  • You Mean the World to Me
    country: Malaysiadirector: Saw Teong Hinrelease year: 2017festival year: 2017duration: 96'