Viddsee Shortee Winners

Viddsee is an online video platform that enables a global audience to easily discover, watch, and share short films from Asia anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices. Their team strives to empower filmmakers and storytelling with Viddsee's programming and its network, which includes some of the biggest internet media companies in the world. Their filmmakers come together via a unique platform to cross-promote, collaborate, and grow the audience for Asian film.

The selection of films shown at this year's Luang Prabang Film Festival is made up of recent regional Viddsee Shortee winners. This award celebrates the most watched, shared, and talked about Asian short films on Viddsee each month.

All films are in their original languages with English subtitles. The full collection will be screened every day at 11am at the Day Venue.

  • Joshua // Alvin Ardiansyah // Indonesia // 12'
    Joshua, also known as "Jojo", is an enterprising marble trader who accidentally kisses his classmate Lili in school one day.
  • Fervent Wish // Kim Legaspi // Philippines // 15'
    Charlie, a backpacker, quickly became friends with a lady, Anna, a teenager swimming in the river. But Anna's father, Mang Berting, prohibited Charlie from coming to the river and even threatened him. How far will Anna and Charlie's friendship go?
  • Delete // Sidney Chan // Malaysia // 14'
    Four girls break into an abandoned bathroom at their University one night as part of their class assignment on urban legends.
  • Sofia // Tawfik Daud // Singapore // 10'
    Sofia's life took a turn when she thought things are getting better.
  • The Eyeless Beggar // Jeiji Joned // Indonesia // 10'
    Two detectives are interested in a mysterious blind beggar nearby the coffee shop when they are trying to solve a case of cannibalism.