Thai Shorts

Curated by the Thai Film Archive specifically for the Spotlight on Thailand, this selection of five short films represents several genres, including fiction, documentary, animation, and experimental film.

The Thai Film Archive is an agency that works to preserve Thailand's rich cinematic legacy through film conservation and promotion of awareness about film throughout the country. For the sake of national cultural heritage, the Film Archive collects and preserves films, conducts research about films and their history, and acts as a public resource for knowledge about film.

All films are in Thai with English subtitles. The full collection will be screened every day at 2PM at the Day Venue.

  • Camouflaged Shades of Falling Rain // 2016 // Boonyarit Wiangnon // 27'
    One day, a girl's father leaves and never returns home again. She lives with her grandmother and mother. When she gets a homework assignment to draw a picture of rain, it makes her miss her father.
  • Demos // 2016 // Danay Chulphuthiphong // 13'
    At a zoo, all the animals hide because they are furious with their lives in captivity.
  • Prince Johnny // 2014 // Patradol Kitcharoen // 4'
    Prince Johnny is a young prince who is always on the search for adventures and true love.
  • Dreamscape // 2015 // Wattanapume Laisuwanchai // 25'
    Free expression is limited--we cannot express our thoughts. We can only express our senses.
  • When the Heaven Water Falls Down Upon Us // 2017 // Watjakorn Hankoon // 29'
    Beem and Base are from a Phu Thai hill tribe village. They see a parade of Naga Fireballs and decide they want to create fireballs to show people in their village.