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Love - Vietnam
  • Country: Vietnam
  • Director: Viet Max
  • Year: 2015
  • Duration: 106'

LOVE begins with a blossoming friendship between two 10-year-old girls: Nhi and Tu. The childhood friends are suddenly separated due to the death of one of the girls'brothers, but later reunite as young adults. Nhi is now a university student and the lead singer of a girl band, with a handsome but uptight boyfriend named Hoang. Tu's father is now struggling with depression and her mother is working very long hours to make ends meet. Tu is secretly loved by Mien, Nhi's colleague. The girls soon discover feelings that they did not know they had. They must decide if their feelings for one another are just as friends, or perhaps something more.

  • Screening time: December 7 at 2:00pm