2016 films

  • A Copy of My Mind
    country: Indonesiadirector: Joko Anwarrelease year: 2015duration: 116'
  • A Yellow Bird
    country: Singaporedirector: K. Rajagopalrelease year: 2016duration: 112'
  • About a Woman
    country: Indonesiadirector: Teddy Soeriaatmadjarelease year: 2014duration: 76'
  • Apocalypse Child
    country: Philippinesdirector: Mario Cornejorelease year: 2015duration: 95'
  • Back to the 90s
    country: Thailanddirector: Yanyong Kuruaungkoulrelease year: 2015duration: 112'
  • Banana Pancakes and the Children of Sticky Rice
    country: Laosdirector: Daan Veldhuizenrelease year: 2015duration: 93'
  • Before the Fall
    country: Cambodiadirector: Ian Whiterelease year: 2015duration: 98'
  • Brutal
    country: Malaysiadirector: Shanjhey Kumar Perumalrelease year: 2015duration: 85'
  • Cambodian Son
    country: Cambodiadirector: Masahiro Suganorelease year: 2015duration: 85'
  • City of Jade
    country: Myanmardirector: Midi Zrelease year: 2016duration: 99'
  • The Crescent Moon
    country: Indonesiadirector: Ismail Basbethrelease year: 2015duration: 94'
  • Diamond Island
    country: Cambodiadirector: Davy Chourelease year: 2016duration: 101'
  • The Down
    country: Thailanddirector: Pisut Mahaphanrelease year: 2015duration: 90'
  • Finding Phong
    country: Vietnamdirector: Tran Phuong Thao and Swann Dubusrelease year: 2015duration: 92'
  • Fundamentally Happy
    country: Singaporedirector: Tan Bee Thiam, Lei Yuan Binrelease year: 2015duration: 70'
  • Haze
    country: Philippinesdirector: Ralson Joverrelease year: 2015duration: 92'
  • Joking Jazz 4G
    country: Thailanddirector: Poj Arnonrelease year: 2016duration: 105'
  • Khunpan
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongkiat Komesirirelease year: 2016duration: 110'
  • Louis Loves Baitong
    country: Laosdirector: Thavisack Thammavongsarelease year: 2016duration: 100'
  • LOVE
    country: Vietnamdirector: Viet Maxrelease year: 2015duration: 106'
  • Love Forever
    country: Laosdirector: Sonexay Keomanivongrelease year: 2016duration: 90'
  • Lovesucks
    country: Thailanddirector: Manatsanun Phanlerdwongsakulrelease year: 2015duration: 82'
  • Ma'Rosa
    country: Philippinesdirector: Brillante Mendozarelease year: 2015duration: 110'
  • May Who?
    country: Thailanddirector: Chayanop Boonprakobrelease year: 2015duration: 110'
  • Ola Bola
    country: Malaysiadirector: Keng Guan Chiurelease year: 2016duration: 113'
  • Question of Faith
    country: Indonesiadirector: Hanung Bramantyorelease year: 2015duration: 100'
  • The Return
    country: Singaporedirector: Green Zengrelease year: 2015duration: 83'
  • The River Flows
    country: Laosdirector: Makoto Kumazawarelease year: 2017duration: 112'
  • Senior
    country: Thailanddirector: Wisit Sasanatiengrelease year: 2015duration: 105'
  • Sweet Twenty
    country: Vietnamdirector: Phan Gia Nhật Linh release year: 2015duration: 112'
  • There's No Forever
    country: Philippinesdirector: Dan Villegasrelease year: 2015duration: 113'
  • Y/Our Music
    country: Thailanddirector: Waraluck Hiransrettawat Every, David Reeve release year: 2014duration: 82'