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Siti - Indonesia
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Director: Eddie Cahyono
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 88'

The story shows one day in the life of Siti, who at 24 struggles to support her mother-in-law, her son, and her husband Bagus. Bagus had been paralyzed in a fishing accident a year earlier, and his new boat, purchased with borrowed money, lost at sea. Increasingly squeezed by the crush of debt, Siti works days selling Jingking crackers in Parangtritis. At night she's a karaoke guide, resulting in rejection by Bagus. At karaoke Siti becomes acquainted with a policeman named Gatot, who loves her and wants to marry her. She hesitates, but the pressures of life leads her to choose her own happiness.

  • Screening time: December 5 at 2:00pm