Pu Bao Tai Ban: Isaan Indy back to movies

Pu Bao Tai Ban: Isaan Indy   - Thailand
  • Country: Thailand
  • Director: Uten Sririwi & Innapat Ladarat
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 93'

Thongkham, an Isan village boy, dreams of directing a great movie. In the meantime, he waits for Pranee, the girl he loves, to return from working abroad and marry him. Thongkham has only a fighting cock, which Pranee gave to him before going abroad, and his village guy friends, who steal his beloved rooster and eat it. When Pranee returns from abroad to plow her mother's fields for the rice-planting season and brings along her Swedish boyfriend, Thongkham is brokenhearted, with only his rooster-eating friends to console him. Thongkham, rural and Isan, has only the rice-planting season to win back his ex-girlfriend.

  • Screening time: December 6 at 9:00pm