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I Fine..Thank You..Love You - Thailand
  • Country: Thailand
  • Director: Mez Tharatorn
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: 117'

This is a grammatically incorrect love story that illustrates the beauty of imperfection over perfection Pleng, an English tutor, helps one of her students dump her Thai boyfriend, Gym. Gym doesn

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  • t know English, so Pleng's student records a voice message and lets Pleng translate it to him. Realizing he's being dumped, Gym blames on Pleng and persuades her to teach him too, hoping to reconcile with his girlfriend. Gym's English is very basic but he tries very hard, and Pleng begins to sympathize with him. Meanwhile, Pleng herself is dating one of her students, a handsome guy from a good family.

    • Screening time: December 8 at 9:00pm