2015 films

  • Above It All
    country: Laosdirector: Anysay Keolarelease year: 2015duration: 90'
  • The Act of Killing
    country: Indonesiadirector: Joshua Oppenheimerrelease year: 2012duration: 115'
  • Chiang Khan Story
    country: Thailanddirector: Yuthlert Sippapakrelease year: 2014duration: 108'
  • The Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock´n´Roll
    country: Cambodiadirector: Marc Eberlerelease year: 2015duration: 75'
  • Crocodile
    country: Philippinesdirector: Francis Xavier Pasionrelease year: 2014duration: 100'
  • Dandelion
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyễn Quang Huyrelease year: 2014duration: 115'
  • Dearest Sister (*Work Print)
    country: Laosdirector: Mattie Dorelease year: 2016duration: 105'
  • Flapping in the Middle of Nowhere
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyen Hoang Dieprelease year: 2014duration: 98'
  • Gems on the Run
    country: Cambodiadirector: Sok, Visal & Quentin Clausinrelease year: 2014duration: 91'
  • Hanuman
    country: Cambodiadirector: Jimmy Hendersonrelease year: 2015duration: 112'
  • I Fine..Thank You..Love You
    country: Thailanddirector: Mez Tharatornrelease year: 2014duration: 117'
  • I Love You!
    country: Laosdirector: Thavisack Thammavongsarelease year: 2015duration: 120'
  • The Last Executioner
    country: Thailanddirector: Tom Wallerrelease year: 2014duration: 95'
  • The Last Reel
    country: Cambodiadirector: Kulikar Sothorelease year: 2014duration: 106'
  • The Look of Silence
    country: Singaporedirector: Joshua Oppenheimerrelease year: 2014duration: 99'
  • Mariquina
    country: Philippinesdirector: Milo Soguecorelease year: 2014duration: 116'
  • Men Who Save The World
    country: Malaysiadirector: Liew Seng Tatrelease year: 2014duration: 93'
  • The Monk
    country: Myanmardirector: The Maw Naingrelease year: 2014duration: 95'
  • The Second Life of Thieves
    country: Malaysiadirector: Woo Ming Jinrelease year: 2014duration: 87'
  • Ms J Contemplates Her Choice
    country: Singaporedirector: Jason Lairelease year: 2014duration: 88'
  • My Teacher
    country: Laosdirector: Niyom Wongpongkhamrelease year: 2014duration: 90'
  • Pu Bao Tai Ban: Isaan Indy
    country: Thailanddirector: Uten Sririwi & Jinnapat Ladaratrelease year: 2014duration: 93'
  • Really Love 2
    country: Laosdirector: Phoumsana Sirivongsarelease year: 2015duration: 99'
  • The Search for Weng Weng
    country: Philippinesdirector: Andrew Leavoldrelease year: 2013duration: 92'
  • Siti
    country: Indonesiadirector: Eddie Cahyonorelease year: 2014duration: 88'
  • Slam!
    country: Singaporedirector: M. Raihan Halimrelease year: 2014duration: 114'
  • Somboon
    country: Thailanddirector: Krisda Tipchaimetarelease year: 2014duration: 80'
  • Still I Strive
    country: Cambodiadirector: Adam Pfleghaar & A. Todd Smithrelease year: 2014duration: 91'
  • That Thing Called Meant-To-Be
    country: Philippinesdirector: Antoinette Jadaonerelease year: 2014duration: 110'
  • Village of Hope
    country: Thailanddirector: Boonsong Nakphoorelease year: 2013duration: 72'