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The Mangoes - Indonesia
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Director: Tonny Trimarsanto
  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: 98'

Renita lives in a tiny space that doubles as her hairdressing salon, a place where her many transgender friends come to relax and discuss politics, the latest fashions, and being transgender in Jakarta. But Renita, or Reni, used to be Mohammad Zein, back when she lived with her parents in Palu. Twenty years earlier, her father had given her an ultimatum – if you

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  • re not a man you
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  • re not my son – and Reni has not seen her family or birthplace since. Now she wants to return. The film's director and Reni engage in occasional conversation as they create an intimate peek into the complicated life of a transgender person.

    • Screening time: December 10 at 2:00pm