Short Films

Tropfest SEA 2014

A regional version of the world’s biggest short film festival (based in Australia), the first Tropfest Southeast Asia was held in George Town, Malaysia in January of 2014. The festival night drew a crowd of over 5,000 people to celebrate the screening of 12 finalist films, all made in Southeast Asia, and with a theme or “signature item” of rice. The grand prize, given to the Cambodian film simply titled Rice was $10,000 USD and a five-day film immersion trip to Los Angeles, California.

All films are in their original languages, with English subtitles.

The full collection will be screened every day at 11am.

  • We Need to Break Up // Bradley Liew // Malaysia // 4’
    Frustrated by her aunt’s inability to break up with her boyfriend, a little girl throws a tantrum.
  • Rice Border Love // Supawit Buaket // Thailand // 7’
    A young man makes lunch for his crush every day, even though he is unable to speak with her.
  • The Strange Detective // Chan Kean Wah // Malaysia // 7’
    A detective communicates with rice in order to solve a complex murder mystery.
  • Chicken // Yihwen Chen // Malaysia // 7’
    A lonely housewife has an unusual guest as her dining companion.
  • Grateful Moment // Sean Kook // Malaysia // 7’
    Adding them to her collection, a litle girl picks up every grain of uncooked rice she finds.
  • SurpRice // Emmanuel Escalona Jr. // Philippines // 3’
    Rice is the main instrument in this experimental musical film.
  • Duetto // Polen Ly // Cambodia // 7’
    A violinest must learn to live a different life after losing an arm.
  • The Last Flight // Ezequiel Paolinelli // Malaysia // 7’
    A patient in a care home yearns to rid himself of lonliness and despair.
  • Rice // Sothea Ines // Cambodia // 7’
    A day in a rural children’s camp during the Khmer Rouge regime.
  • Moth In Twilight // J.E. Tiglao // Philippines // 7’
    An old woman awaits her own death, and distracts herself with an imaginary date.
  • Laek // Mony Kann Darung // Cambodia // 7’
    A poor housekeeper is treated badly by the wealthy woman she works for.
  • Congee // Tan Chee Meng & Charlottte Lam // Malaysia // 7’
    After suffering a rape, a young Muslim girl befriends a small child.

Selections from the First Mini-Vientianale

The Mini-Vientianale, the country’s first short film festival, held its inaugural event in Vientiane this past March, with the aim to promote the makers of short films in Laos, the region, and further afield. The short film competition of festival centered on the theme "You + Me," and 16 brand-new Lao short films were screened. The three most outstanding films received prizes and lots of cheers from an enthusiastic audience. You + Me = One, directed by Vilayphone Phongsavanh, won both First Prize and the Popular Vote. Lost in the Shadow, by Khampa Pimmachack and Nirankoon Singpraseuth, received Second Place, and The Candle, by Yupalad Phedtanee, came in Third. The collection being screened at this year’s Luang Prabang Film Festival represents the top picks from the Mini-Vientianale organizers.

All films are in the Lao language with English subtitles.

The full collection will be screened every day at 2pm.

  • You + Me = One // Vilayphone Phongsavanh // 7’
    A drunk man persuades his girlfriend to ride with him on his motorbike.
  • Lost in the Shadow // Nirankoon Singpraseuth and Khampa Phimmachack // 7’
    A young couple is stranded at the end of the world.
  • The Candle // Youpalath Phetany // 7’
    An act of violence threatens to destroy the dream of young lovers.
  • Say What // Anoulek Douangdala // 3’
    A young man discovers he can hear other people's thoughts about him.
  • Forget Me Not // Thippaphone Ekhana, Arina Aphayvan, and Phengnidta Phantashomchit // 7’
    A boy is frustrated when his parents will not give him the cash he wants from them.
  • I'm Poor, You're Poor // Outh Phommasone // 7’
    Two people from the countryside set out to make money in the big city.
  • What If? // Phoutasone Keomoungkhoune // 5’
    A stranger in a fancy sports car suggests a race to a drunk driver.
  • Strong Heart // Sommai Phommachan // 6’
    The women's UXO clearance team in Xieng Khouang works to clean up bombs left behind.

ChopShots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia

Organized by DocNet Southeast Asia, ChopShots showcases the best new independent documentary films from across Southeast Asia and the world in Jakarta, Indonesia, and then sends a best-of selection of films on a festival tour through the region. Award winners of the SEA Best Shorts competition have the opportunity to travel with their films and meet with producers, decision makers and other Southeast Asian film students on their trips. Among the 26 films in the 2014 program, 18 films from the region competed for 3,000 euro and 1,500 euro cash prizes. Through the various films, Southeast Asian filmmakers share their perspectives on their own countries today – their hope, their longing, their struggle, their pride, their worry, and sometimes, the horrific past that continues to shape the present and mirror who they are today.

A different ChopShots program screens each day at 3pm (with two on 8 December 2014).
All films are in their original languages, with English subtitles.

ChopShots I: Dare to Dream (104’)

Saturday, 6 December 2014, 3pm

  • Farewell My School
    • Director: Ucu Agustin
    • Country: Indonesia
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 13'
  • My World
    • Director: Anoulek
    • Country: Laos
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 3'
  • Light the Way
    • Director: Kamolwan Nophaket
    • Country: Thailand
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 18'
  • Love and Other Commodities
    • Director: Marianna Shek
    • Country: Australia
    • Year: 2012
    • Duration: 13'
  • We Got Married
    • Director: Nguyen Ha Phuong & Mai Thi Bup
    • Country: Vietnam
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 22'
  • Behind the Screen
    • Director: Aung Nwai Htway
    • Country: Myanmar
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 35'

ChopShots II: Disappearing World (99’)

Sunday, 7 December 2014, 3pm

ChopShots III: Cambodian Stories (62’)

Monday, 8 December 2014, 3pm

  • A Daugther's Scars
    • Director: Polen Ly
    • Country: Cambodia
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 6'
  • Where I Go
    • Director: Neang Kavich
    • Country: Cambodia
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 56'

ChopShots IV: Experimental Shorts (60’)

Monday, 8 December 2014, 4pm

  • Fiesta
    • Director: Alexander Cruz
    • Country: Philippines
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 7'
  • Hands Around in Yangon
    • Director: Moe Satt
    • Country: Myanmar
    • Year: 2012
    • Duration: 7'
  • The Windows
    • Director: Hanoi Doclab
    • Country: Vietnam
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 23'
  • Flaneurs #3
    • Director: Aryo Danusiri
    • Country: Indonesia
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 4'
  • Insein Rythm
    • Director: Soe Moe Aung
    • Country: Myanmar
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 11'
  • Another Colour TV
    • Director: Yovista Ahtajida & Dyantini Adeline
    • Country: Indonesia
    • Year: 2013
    • Duration: 8'

ChopShots V: Third Sex (57’)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014, 3pm

ChopShots VI: My Forest, My River, My Mountain (76’)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014, 3pm