2014 films

  • 3.50
    country: Cambodiadirector: Chhay Borarelease year: 2013duration: 107'
  • Aroma of Heaven
    country: Indonesiadirector: Budi Kurniawanrelease year: 2014duration: 65'
  • The Boatbuilders of Mermaid Island
    country: Malaysiadirector: Azharr Rudin, Imri Nasutionrelease year: 2013duration: 79'
  • By the River
    country: Thailanddirector: Nontawat Numbenchapolrelease year: 2013duration: 71'
  • Catnip
    country: Philippinesdirector: Kevin Dayritrelease year: 2012duration: 95'
  • Concrete Clouds
    country: Thailanddirector: Lee Chatametikoolrelease year: 2013duration: 99'
    country: Singaporedirector: Anthony Chenrelease year: 2013duration: 99'
  • Iskalawags
    country: Philippinesdirector: Keith Deligerorelease year: 2013duration: 77'
  • Jalanan
    country: Indonesiadirector: Daniel Zivrelease year: 2013duration: 107'
  • The Jungle School
    country: Indonesiadirector: Riri Rizarelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Madam Phung's Last Journey
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyen Thi Thamrelease year: 2014duration: 87'
  • The Mangoes
    country: Indonesiadirector: Tonny Trimarsantorelease year: 2012duration: 98'
  • Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy
    country: Thailanddirector: Nawapol Thamrongrattanaritrelease year: 2013duration: 125'
  • The Missing Picture
    country: Cambodiadirector: Rithy Panhrelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • My Teacher
    country: Laosdirector: Niyom Wongpongkhamrelease year: 2014duration: 90'
  • The Patriarch
    country: Philippinesdirector: Alfonso Torrerelease year: 2013duration: 100'
  • Pee Mak Phrakanong
    country: Thailanddirector: Banjong Pisanthanakunrelease year: 2013duration: 113'
  • Really Love
    country: Laosdirector: Phoumsana Sirivongsarelease year: 2014duration: 100'
  • Return to Burma
    country: Myanmardirector: Midi Zrelease year: 2011duration: 84'
  • Sayang Disayang
    country: Singaporedirector: Sanif Olekrelease year: 2013duration: 78'
  • Shift
    country: Philippinesdirector: Siege Ledesmarelease year: 2013duration: 80'
  • The Songs of Rice
    country: Thailanddirector: Uruphong Raksasadrelease year: 2013duration: 75'
  • The Talent
    country: Vietnamdirector: Quang Huyrelease year: 2013duration: 110'
  • The Teacher's Diary
    country: Thailanddirector: Nithiwat Tharatornrelease year: 2014duration: 110'
  • Tuk Tuk
    country: Laosdirector: Simon Luang Kiyérelease year: 2012duration: 52'
  • Vientiane in Love
    country: Laosdirector: Vannaphone Sitthirath, Anysay Keola, Xaisongkham Induangchanthy, and Phanumad Disattharelease year: 2014duration: 90'
  • We Are Moluccans
    country: Indonesiadirector: Angga Dwimas Sasongkorelease year: 2014duration: 150'
  • When the Rooster Crows
    country: Singaporedirector: Leonardo Cinieri Lombrosorelease year: 2014duration: 88'