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Stitching Our Stories: A Community Research Project

Stitching Our Stories: A Community Research Project was launched in October 2012 through the partnership of PhotoForward, an international media arts programmed, and the Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, a private museum in Luang Prabang, Laos. This trail-blazing project engages women and girls from Laos'diverse ethnic communities to use photography, digital video, and community research to explore their unique cultural heritage, the vital roles that women play, and the often-seismic impact that modernization is having on traditional beliefs and practices.

The film premiering at the Luang Prabang Film Festival assembles four documentary shorts shot by the projects'filmmakers Bao Song, Pasong Lee, Sia Yao, and Ma Ying. These examine the intricate artistry of Hmong batik and embroidery and the complex and often challenging roles of the medicine women and shamans who care for the bodies and spirits of their communities. The film opens with a brief introduction by the project organizers, and each short is prefaced with an interview with the inspiring filmmakers themselves.

Their research films serve as valuable documents of ancient cultural practices with deep roots in the community's identity as well as intimate portraits of the modern Lao women and men who have dedicated their lives to learning and refining their crafts.

The film will be screened everyday at 11am.
Meet the filmmakers and organizers on Wednesday, December 11th at 10am.

Our Lives on Film

In September of 2013, the Luang Prabang Film Festival held a documentary filmmaking workshop in Vientiane called "Our Lives on Film." Instructed by the Humanitarian Media Agency, and funded by The Asia Foundation, this activity allowed Lao filmmakers to learn more about the craft of non-fiction filmmaking over a nine-day period.

The workshop gave an overview of the history of documentary film, as well as several perspectives on documentary theory, styles, and practice. Several screenings supplemented the lectures and discussions before participants began making their own short documentary films in small groups.

Anoulek Douangdala (employed by Doklao Center) and Kator Philavanh (a freelance filmmaker) made a film about young Lao people's growing obsession with their smartphones. Dara Pathammavong (Adri Berger Media Productions) and Sompasong Vongthavone (freelance) shot a short film about an abbot's life in temple outside of town. Xaykhame Manilasith (US Embassy) made his documentary about the process of making Lao traditional skirts. Souphaksone Silaphet and Manivan Douangphachanh (both working for Lao National Television) filmed one woman's devotion to a particular Buddhist holiday. Phonevilay Keopaseuth (EDF Lao) and Langsith Sangonmany (Hey You Productions) made a portrait of a mother responsible for caring for her disabled daughter. Lastly, a group of filmmakers that traveled from Luang Prabang, Houmphanh Phahongchanh (Damis Films), Yaxeng Ly (@ My Library), and Kongsy Vilayphone (Big Brother Mouse), told the story of woman who collects bottles and cans to support her family.

The full collection will be screened every day at 2pm.

Best Short Films from the 3rd Vientianale

Founded in 2009, the Vientianale is a community-based film festival held in Vientiane, featuring a wide range of Lao and international films, from full-length features to short films, from documentaries to animated movies. Like the Luang Prabang Film Festival, one of the main goals of the Vientianale is to promote Lao cinema and to support Lao filmmakers. Therefore, a crucial element of the festival is its short film competition aimed at young, aspiring filmmakers. Selected and awarded by an independent jury, the collection being screened at this year's Luang Prabang Film Festival represents the best shorts from the 2013 Vientianale competition that had the theme of "dreams."

The full collection will screen everyday at 2:30pm.

  • Teddy Jay // Vilayphong Phongsavanh // 6' // Lao with Eng Sub
    The life and times of a teddy bear.
  • Forever // Thomas Wanhoff // 7' // Eng
    A young girl decides to commit suicide.
  • The Bad Dream // Nirankoun Singsapreuth // 6' // Lao
    A young man's first guitar audition.
  • Small Things Become Big // Chantixay Thipkaison // 5' // Lao with Eng Sub
    Teaching elementary students in the countryside is a dream come true.
  • Over-the-Top Dream // Pern Heyyou // 7' // Lao
    An outrageous dream within a dream.
  • The Voiceless // Phanida Sanatem // 7' // Lao with Eng Sub
    A mute student's dream of finding her true love.
  • Infringe // Sansiew Vaynyajack // 4' // Lao
    Things get out of control when one boy gets whacked in the head in a junkyard.
  • At the Sunrise // Amatha Ratsombath // 11' // Lao with Eng Sub
    A gangster, his dumb stooges, and a strong woman.
  • The White Black Box // Sengthavy Southammavong // 7' // Lao
    A box of sweets develops a mysterious life of its own.
  • Dream Imagery // Soukpaseuth Vongpahchanh // 6' Lao with Eng Sub
    A blind man dreams of being able to see.

ChopShots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia

ChopShots is a new festival for the region and the rest of the world, organized by DocNet Southeast Asia. The Festival showcases the best new independent documentary films from across Southeast Asia and the world in Jakarta, Indonesia.

To truly reach out to Southeast Asian audience, the festival sends a best-of-selection of films on a festival tour through the neighbouring countries which include countries with lesser-known film industries such as Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This travelling component of the festival ensures that not only do the stories come from all across Asia, but also the audiences that will be able to see the films about and by their neighbors – a truly Southeast Asian experience! Moreover, award winners of the SEA Best Shorts competition will have the opportunity to travel with their films and meet with producers, decision makers and other Southeast Asian film students on their trip.

This unique component of ChopShots aims to impact cross-cultural understanding by bridging Southeast Asia's diverse ethnic communities and peoples through the art of moving images. The primary mission of the Travel Fest is to foster, promote and showcase emerging new talents from around Southeast Asia who share a positive attitude toward Southeast Asian diversity and to inspire them by sending them on the road.

A different ChopShots program screens everyday at 4pm. All films are in their original languages, with English subtitles.

ChopShots I: Out of the Past (73
  • Schedule
  • )

    Screening at 4pm on Saturday, 7 December 2013

    ChopShots II: Death and Beyond (75
  • Schedule
  • )

    Screening at 4pm on Sunday, 8 December 2013

    ChopShots III: Man & Nature (81
  • Schedule
  • )

    Screening at 4pm on Sunday, 9 December 2013

    ChopShots IV: Gender Stories/Voices from Myanmar (76
  • Schedule
  • )

    Screening at 4pm on Sunday, 10 December 2013

    • Burmese Butterfly
      • Director: Hnin Ei Hlaing
      • Country: Malaysia
      • Year: 2011
      • Duration: 12'
    • Social Game
      • Director: Seng Mai
      • Country: Malaysia
      • Year: 2012
      • Duration: 11'
    • Marriage Prayer
      • Director: Nguyễn Hương Trà
      • Country: Vietnam
      • Year: 2011
      • Duration: 9'
    • Sweetie Pie
      • Director: Sai Kong Kham
      • Country: Myanmar
      • Year: 2011
      • Duration: 7'
    • The Steps We Take
      • Director: Nanda Maw Lin, Saw Min Maw, Htoo Thadar
      • Country: Myanmar
      • Year: 2012
      • Duration: 14'
    • Two Girls Against the Rain
      • Director: Sao Sopheak
      • Country: Cambodia
      • Year: 2012
      • Duration: 11'
    • Unbounded Unlimited
      • Director: Tin Win Hlaing
      • Country: Myanmar
      • Year: 2011
      • Duration: 12'

    ChopShots V: People Power/Election Time! (118
  • Schedule
  • )

    Screening at 4pm on Sunday, 11 December 2013

    • Fight Like Ahok
      • Director: Amelia Hapsari, Chandra Tanzil
      • Country: Indonesia
      • Year: 2012
      • Duration: 38'
    • Heart of the City
      • Director: Ilang-Ilang Quijano
      • Country: The Philippines
      • Year: 2012
      • Duration: 50'
    • Stage
      • Director: Emil James Mijares
      • Country: The Philippines
      • Year: 2011
      • Duration: 30'

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