2013 films

  • 13:00 Sunday
    country: Thailand/Laosdirector: Bis Srikasem & Pume Peerabunrelease year: 2013duration: 80'
  • A River Changes Course
    country: Cambodiadirector: Kalyanee Mamrelease year: 2013duration: 83'
  • Ah Boys To Men
    country: Singaporedirector: Jack Neorelease year: 2012duration: 118'
  • Big Heart
    country: Laosdirector: Mattiphob Douangmyxayrelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Boundary
    country: Cambodia/Thailanddirector: Nontawat Numbenchapolrelease year: 2013duration: 96'
  • Contradiction
    country: Malaysiadirector: Nazri M Annuar & Aloy Paradoksrelease year: 2012duration: 70'
  • Dancing Across Borders
    country: Cambodiadirector: Anne Bassrelease year: 2010duration: 88'
  • Denok & Gareng
    country: Indonesiadirector: Dwi Sujanti Nugrahenirelease year: 2012duration: 89'
  • Grean Fictions
    country: Thailanddirector: Chookiat Sakveerakulrelease year: 2013duration: 133'
  • Hak Aum Lum
    country: Laosdirector: Phanumad Disattharelease year: 2012duration: 118'
  • Headshot
    country: Thailanddirector: Pen-ek Ratanaruangrelease year: 2011duration: 105'
  • Here... or There?
    country: Vietnamdirector: Síu Phạm release year: 2011duration: 97'
  • The Hidden: Wrath of Azazil
    country: Malaysiadirector: Kabir Bhatiarelease year: 2013duration: 97'
  • Home
    country: Thailanddirector: Chookiat Sakveerakulrelease year: 2012duration: 130'
  • I Love Savanh
    country: Laosdirector: Bounthong Nhotmanhkongrelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Karaoke Girl
    country: Thailanddirector: Visra Vichit-vadakarnrelease year: 2013duration: 77'
  • Kil
    country: Malaysiadirector: Nik Amir Mustapharelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • Lovely Man
    country: Indonesiadirector: Teddy Soeriaatmadjarelease year: 2011duration: 76'
  • Mater Dolorosa
    country: Philippinesdirector: Adolfo Alix, Jr.release year: 2012duration: 87'
  • P-047
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongdej Jaturanrasmeerelease year: 2011duration: 98'
  • Red Scarf
    country: Laosdirector: Sakchai Deenanrelease year: 2011duration:
  • Rising Sun on the Horizon
    country: Myanmardirector: Khin Maung Oo & Soe Thein Htutrelease year: 2011duration: 112'
  • Scent of Burning Grass
    country: Vietnamdirector: Nguyễn Hữu Mười release year: 2012duration:
  • Tang Wong
    country: Thailanddirector: Kongdej Jaturanrasmeerelease year: 2013duration: 86'
  • Thy Womb
    country: Philippinesdirector: Brillante Mendozarelease year: 2012duration: 100'
  • What is it About Rina?
    country: Bruneidirector: Harlif Haji Mohamad & Farid Azlanrelease year: 2013duration: 90'
  • What isn
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  • t There
country: Philippinesdirector: Marie Jamorarelease year: 2012duration: 116'
  • What They Don
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  • t Talk About When They Talk About Love
    country: Indonesiadirector: Mouly Suryarelease year: 2012duration: 105'