Movie Poster Design Competition

This year, the Luang Prabang Film Festival held a graphic design competition with a big cash prize! Any designer living in Southeast Asia was invited to submit a movie poster design for a fictitious film called My Mother's Wedding. This is not an existing movie, nor one in production, so we encouraged graphic designers to imagine what might happen in the film, who the main characters are, and how the film might take place in their own country of origin. They also had to submit an artist's statement that explained their interpretation of the film's subject, and their inspiration for the poster's design.

The top ten poster designs were selected by the Luang Prabang Film Festival's Board of Directors, but our festival visitors chose which artists received First Prize (and $750), Second Prize ($500), and Third Prize ($250).

Congratulations to the winners!


The Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project

    • Introduction
    • The Poonthawee Theater
    • The Case for Preserving the Lido and Scala Theatres
    • Bangkok's claim to cinematic history
    • The Past that Never Left
    • Picture Palace Bids Adieu
    • The Som Det Theater
    • The Seno Rama
    • Sri Nakorn Paphayon
    • The Lak Meuang Theater
    • The Oscar Theater
    • The Chumphae Cineplex
    • The Sri Siam Theater
    • The Aung Mingala Cinema

For more information about the Southeast Asia Movie Theater Project, check out its website, and “like” its Facebook page.