project Background

Our Mission

The Luang Prabang Film Festival is a charitable cultural organization committed to the celebration of Southeast Asian film and to the growth and support of local and regional film industries and filmmakers.

Our Vision

Southeast Asia is a magical part of the world, its cultures are many, and its plot lines are richly diverse. Our vision is to see these stories told, and told well, and we want everyone watching.

What we stand for

  • Cultural Expression: With support from like-minded organizations, we seek to inspire expression and cultural diversity through film. LPFF offers a venue for the best of Southeast Asia's most distinct and unique voices.
  • Mutual Exchange: LPFF is an exciting forum for international exchange where filmmakers share ideas, trends, and techniques. We all know that great films start with great ideas, and so LPFF cultivates the sharing of great ideas and discussion through our many panels and activities.
  • Sustainable Industry: We aim to create jobs and income for filmmakers by building connections and supporting a sustainable regional film industry with a particular focus on building capacity in Laos.
  • Diversity: We believe strongly in equal representation of all perspectives and take pride in including content that reflects differences in opinion, ethnicity, gender, and belief.

Our Programs

LPFF is much more than an annual film festival. Our year-round programs offer many unique opportunities for filmmakers and industry professionals. Through these programs, we inspire new ideas and support local artists by giving them the skills and experience to be their own media makers.

  • Educational Activities: Partnering with local embassies, NGOs, and production companies, LPFF holds workshops and panels that provide filmmakers with the knowledge and tools to develop their own self-sustaining careers or creative passions.
  • Special Screenings & Film Events: LPFF regularly organizes public showings of films. We do this to encourage a more engaged movie-viewing culture and to inspire critical discussion of cinema.
  • The Lao Filmmakers Fund: Operated by LPFF, this publicly generated Fund allows local artists to apply for small grants to help make their film projects possible.