government involvement

LPFF is produced on behalf of, and with extensive support from, the Lao government. Working closely with the Department of Cinema, under the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, LPFF relies heavily on their cooperation and assistance.

The government provides LPFF with the use of the public venues for the duration of the festival, as well as the time and resources of their staff during both the planning stages and the event itself. In order to benefit from his experience and expertise, the Department of Cinema has granted LPFF director Gabriel Kuperman with a yearlong, renewable expert visa, the first such visa ever granted to a foreigner from their department.

The government promotes this event nationally and regionally with all of the resources they have available to them. It is LPFF's intention to develop the Ministry's ability to plan an event such as this without outside assistance. Additionally, LPFF will, over time, further involve the government with creative and curatorial decision-making.