Corporate Sponsorship

We seek savvy and forward-thinking organizations, companies, and individuals to make this groundbreaking project possible, and contribute to one of the most important film events in Southeast Asia, biggest international arts events Laos has ever held.


This is a good opportunity for an organization to step in front of its competitors by taking part in an event that can spur a film industry in a country currently without one. In a nation with such distinct culture and tradition, the arts are sometimes overlooked when it comes to major funding. It will be clear to the Lao that it is because of the generous support of the funders that their country can be put on the map as a nation with a burgeoning film industry, and a good location for movies to be filmed. In addition, the sponsors and LPFF will help to support the local economies in Luang Prabang and in the traveling festival provinces by generating revenue for the local businesses that will be patronized by visitors to the festival.


Sponsoring LPFF is a terrific opportunity for your organization to support the arts and to play a role in celebrating filmmaking in Southeast Asia. However, it is also a unique opportunity to conduct business.

Gain visibility by supporting an international film festival that highlights the best in media that Southeast Asia has to offer. Put your organization out there as one that is eager to preserve and disseminate culture, one that is willing to spend some money if it benefits the local and regional communities. Position yourselves as leaders in funding educational projects that will provide opportunities to people who would not otherwise have them. Attach your name to a project and highlight that you recognize a void that needs to be filled, and are eager to take the steps to remedy the situation.

By sponsoring LPFF, you benefit your organization in the following ways:

    Being Part of an International Festival
  • Enhance your corporate presence and profile with high media visibility
  • Meet the big players in the regional and international media industries
  • Attend networking opportunities at high profile ceremonies and events
  • Benefit from year-round exposure on LPFF website, and in international press
    Educating Young People, the Future's Leaders
  • Play an integral role in increasing media literacy throughout Laos
  • Support educational media projects
  • Promote educational stewardship & corporate social responsibility
    Encouraging Artistic and Creative Projects
  • Be a frontrunner in the creative environment of Southeast Asia
  • Help develop and stimulate the filmmaking industry in Laos
  • Provide new talents with the education and foundations for future work
  • Support creative thought and creative activities

For detailed information on our standard (but customizable) sponsorship levels and benefits, please download our 2017 LPFF Sponsorship Packages and send us a message.