Activities - American Film Week 2014

Partnering with the US Embassy, the Luang Prabang Film Festival organized the second American Film Week in Vientiane in October 2014.

Through the U.S. State Department’s American Film Showcase program, the event hosted two American documentary filmmakers, Ramona Diaz and Melissa Johnson. These visitors spent the week working with aspiring and established Lao filmmakers, helping them develop their talents. Over five days, there were lectures, workshops, and discussions open to the general public about various topics related to the American and Lao film industries by these guests. Additionally, Susan Lee, a regional representative of the Motion Picture Association gave a presentation on the MPA and its core activities both in the US and around the world. A free screening of an American blockbuster was held each night at the Lao-Japan Budo Center.

The American Film Week also included the introduction of several short documentaries created by filmmakers in Laos on the topic of wildlife protection. The production and screening of these public service announcements encouraged Lao audiences to think critically about how wildlife protection effects Lao people, why it is important, and the role each person can play.*

On the final day of the American Film Week, the Lao Filmmakers Fund Mixer was held. This networking event gave local filmmakers and their supporters an opportunity to celebrate the ongoing successes of the Lao film industry.

  • Save Me, Save Your Life // Ka Xiong // 4’
  • Same Home // Visanouphone Shengpompet // 8’
  • A Wildlife Move // Vilayphong Phongsavanh // 7’
  • From Guns to Headlamps // James Elton-Pym // 10’
  • Laos’ Endangered Treasure // Xaypasa Rassavong // 6’

*A program of the top five films from this competition will screen every day at 10am at the Short Film Venue.