Structure and Space in Southeast Asia

This collection of shorts brings together films that examine the manmade landscapes, both historic and contemporary, that make up Southeast Asia. The filmmakers behind these shorts tell stories of their surroundings, using the camera lens to capture architecture in ways that no other medium can. While buildings are often characterized by their permanence and valued for their stability, cinema can instead reveal how buildings are in flux, in use. These filmmakers show us structures that are enacted, lived in, and remembered by human beings. Their films touch on everything from the art of architectural design to the politics of space, and—perhaps most importantly—they tell the human stories that emerge through interaction within these spaces.

All films are in their original languages with English subtitles.
The selection will be screened in two parts, at 2pm and 3pm.

  • Structure and Space I

  • Taphan Hin Rama // Pete Pithai Smithsuth, Philip Jablon // Thailand // 4’
    An ode to an old theater and the man who made it thrive— back in a time when life was more about living.
  • The Scala // Aditya Assarat // Thailand // 52’
    An intimate portrait of Bangkok's last operating single-screen movie palace.
  • Structure and Space II

  • The Man Who Built Cambodia // Christopher Rompre // Cambodia // 35’
    The story of Vann Molyvann, an architect whose iconic buildings defined a newly independent Cambodia.
  • Watchmen of Rochor // Jeremy Ho // Singapore // 6’
    A documentary on a watch part supplier set against the changing urban landscape of Singapore.
  • Lost But Not Forgotten // Seow Wei Xuan, Malorie Oliveiro // Singapore // 12’
    Four individuals, Ooi Kim Thong, Lim Chin Kiat, Ms Lim, and Koh Ben Hwee, bring us through a nostalgic journey of their time in Pearls Centre.
  • My Grandfather’s House // Shunn Lei Swe Yee // Myanmar // 14’
    Thakin Htein Win’s granddaughter reminisces about the old wooden house where she grew up – a house which was once a meeting place for some of the architects of Burma’s independence movement, in which her grandfather played a pivotal role.
  • Vicky // Royston Tan // Singapore // 5’
    At the oldest playground in Singapore, two brothers dig their way through history in hopes of finding their deceased hamster.
  • Heartland // Mark Chua, Mark Kwan // Singapore // 24’
    Neighbors gather to celebrate one last time before their home is torn down.
  • Director Christopher Rompré and writer/producer Haig Balian of The Man Who Built Cambodia, will introduce their film on Saturday, 3 December 2016 at 3pm.