Philippine Shorts

As part of our Spotlight on the Philippines, LPFF presents a collection of Philippine short films. The task of mapping the diverse cinema of the Philippines through short films is daunting, given that the country is composed of thousands of islands, hundreds of languages and dialects, and several religions and ideologies. The nation has given rise to myriad flavors and experiences that are simply impossible to encapsulate, but this program aims to offer a glimpse of the landscapes, contexts, and motivations that impassion Filipino artists to tell their stories through film. These filmmakers show us how the eclectic cinematic culture of the Philippines is very much a product of its past—its history, religion and traditions—as well as its present

All films are in their original languages with English subtitles.
The full selection will be screened every day at 12pm.

  • Outside // Danielle Chuatico // 15’
    A millennial who has lived most of her life inside her apartment decides to give love a chance.
  • Sanctissima // Kenneth Dagatan // 15’
    A doctor will do anything to protect her dark secret.
  • Wawa // Anj Macalanda // 10’
    A young boy deals with loss and uncertainty after his father’s death.
  • Junilyn Has // Carlo Manatad // 15’
    A nightclub dancer has to learn new moves when the Pope’s visit to the Philippines puts her out of work.
  • May Dinadala // Giancarlo Abrahan // 20’
    This is what happens when passion and the supernatural mix.
  • Prologue to the Great Desaparecido // Lav Diaz // 31’
    A widow looks for the lost body of her dead husband, Andrés Bonifacio, the father of the Philippine Revolution.