Selections from the 2017 Vientianale Short Film Competition

The Vientianale International Film Festival celebrates the art of film and the diversity of Lao culture in Laos' capital city. The annual festival showcases an exciting program of international feature and short films, while emerging as an important platform for local filmmakers to screen their works. One of the highlights of the festival is its annual short film competition to promote filmmaking in Laos. This program showcases the best shorts from the 2017 competition.

All films are in Lao language with English subtitles.
The full collection will be screened every day at 10am at the Day Venue.

  • Sinh's Papaya Salad // Soukthavone Panyaphone // 4' // Best Screenplay
    Three friends are eating papaya salad at home when things start spinning out of control.
  • A New Day // Novice Vongkham Mittapo // 7'
    An undisciplined novice turns his life around.
  • What I Forgot to Say // Sophie Vongkhamsao // 5'
    The moving declaration of love from a young man to his deceased brother.
  • Chan Keo // Sonepasith Phanphila // 7' // Best Film, Best Actor
    A girl mysteriously travels back in time to ancient Laos.
  • Think // Vilasan Soundala // 7'
    22-year-old Ting strives to make a living as a dancer.
  • Indee Killer // Xam Keodouangdy // 5' // Best Editing, 2nd Prize for Best Film
    A gangster goes after the man who killed his boss.
  • Looking For... // Houmphanh Phahongchanh // 6' // Best Director
    A man looks for solace after tragedy strikes him.
  • The Personal Mode // Sonexay Phonsavath // 7'
    A teenager addicted to his phone shuts himself off from the outside world until reality catches up with him.
  • Adopted Son // Xeng Kong Song // 7'
    Tortured by the thought that his adopted son may not love him, a Hmong villager decides to abandon him in the mountain.
  • The Last Conversation // Thavisub Khamphoumee // 3' // Best Actress, Best Sound, 3rd Prize for Best Film
    As the Earth is being destroyed, Man and World have their last conversation.