Youth and agroecology short film competition

The Agroecology Learning alliance in South East Asia (ALiSEA) and LPFF present a selection of films from their Youth and Agroecology Short Film Competition, held in an effort to raise awareness about the need to support alternative farming practices and to shed light on young farmers already involved in sustainable farming. With a fast-growing population, increased pressure on natural resources, and climate change impacts becoming more present everyday, the Mekong Region is at a crossroads regarding its agricultural development, calling for an important shift towards an agroecological transition. Films feature outstanding individuals and organizations working towards a sustainable future for agriculture in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

On Saturday, 9 December at 4:00pm at the French Institute in Luang Prabang, there will be a public conference about the agroecology transition in Laos and the Mekong Region in general, a presentation of awards to the competition winners, and a special screening of the top eight films. Plus, during the day on 9-10 December, there will be an Agroecology Market and Knowledge Fair in the garden of the French Institute, where local farmers, development practitioners, and private sector representatives will showcase their work and sell their products.

All films are in English or their original languages with English subtitles. The full collection will be screened every day at 4PM at the Day Venue.

  • Mr. Ken // Sonephasith Phanphila // Laos // 6'
    The true story of Ken, a young man practicing sustainable organic farming in the countryside
  • Saynam // Houmphanh Phahongchanh // Laos // 6'
    Saynam, aged 30, was born into a middle-class agricultural family that farms and raises livestock. She receives some support from her father, and due to many reasons, she decides she does not want to continue as a farmer.
  • My Name is Lee // Emma Bailey // Thailand // 6'
    Lee Ayu is a young man who returned to his village and discovered the opportunity and beauty of farming through starting a local social enterprise called Akha Ama Coffee.
  • A Treasure of Dry Zone // Min Min Hein // Myanmar // 5'
    Short poetic documentary about the process of harvesting to producing peanut oil using traditional Burmese methods that are environmentally friendly but almost disappeared.
  • Agreencam // Ngang Channaty // Cambodia // 5'
    Agreencam is a project created by Khmer students to promote a greener agriculture in Cambodia through education.
  • The Pyramid Compost // Inbar Jeffrey // Thailand // 6'
    A simple solution to a big problem. Documenting the inspiring initiative of a local woman from Chiang Mai, in her efforts to stop agricultural burning and promote organic farming.
  • Youth in Agriculture // Phouttasinh Phimmachanh // Laos // 5'
    Documents the perspectives of young Lao people about why they choose or choose not to work in agriculture, as well as their concerns for the future of agriculture in the country.
  • What Did You Learn? // Houmphanh Phahongchanh // Laos // 6'
    Mr. Bounlap Soulinthone is a farmer who grows his vegetables differently from others, with concern for health, soil, and the environment.